Garlic grower Biesheuvel

Biesheuvel in Slootdorp is one of the three largest garlic growers in the Netherlands. The Biesheuvel family has been growing fresh garlic in North Holland since 1986. The huge working area consists of 50 hectares of garlic that is suitable for consumption and propagation. On this large area you can find several Salco doors!

Garlic grower Biesheuvel

protecting our garlic from external influences

Usually 13 tonnes of garlic are grown per hectare. The harvest starts in mid-June, after which the harvested garlic is put into cold storage for 6 weeks. After this period, the garlic is moved to the CA cell at a temperature of around 1 degree Celsius. The harvest is not processed until December.

To protect the garlic from external influences and subsequently keep the harvest cold in the cold store, Biesheuvel opted for Salco doors.

At Biesheuvel you will find many different Salco doors. In fact, Biesheuvel has all types of doors on offer. Freezer doors, gas doors, refrigerated doors, spg and overhead doors, you can find them all!

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