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Our history starts in 1978.  The Sijm family already owns a well-run contractor company in Blokker (NH) with many contacts in the agricultural world.  This was in a period of the so-called lot-exchanges in West-Friesland and many agriculture and livestock companies went on to buy new barns and business halls. In the seventies, people had already begun experimenting with aluminum sliding doors. These doors were then used on a small scale.  These activities proceeded to take a giant leap forward and so, from the original contractors company set up in 1978, a new business grew: The business called SALCO. SALCO is an abbreviation for Sijm Aluminum Constructions. 

In the eighties, the products range quickly expanded with the production of cooling and freezing doors, as well as fire resistant doors.  Furthermore, in the same period, overhead doors were produced on a large scale in SALCO’s very own factory. 

The nineties are known for the CA-ULO conservation techniques.  SALCO immediately jumped on the bandwagon and started producing the doors for gastight conservation, with their first large project being the auction WFO in Zwaagdijk-East.  Also in this period, a completely new factory in the same area was taken into use. 

The market of gastight doors is spread across the entire world, allowing SALCO the opportunity to spread her wings internationally.  By means of a set network of distributors and their own sales activities, SALCO works these important markets. 

The beginning of this century is characterized by further optimization of SALCO’s products and the rise of high-rise freezing houses. SALCO’s High Speed Freezer Doors (Airlock) is now used in major projects all around the world. 

Because of further growth of the company, a second property has been taken into use since 2005 at the industrial area in Zwaagdijk-East.  At the premises, SALCO produces and develops their drives and electric controls. Also, the production of their rail systems takes place here. 

Located at these premises also, is the showroom in which every door type SALCO produces is displayed in full motion. Furthermore, there is the showroom and lobby for SALCO garage doors. 

SALCO continues to grow steadily but they remain focussed on:

  • Conditioned storages (such as freezing cells and gastight CA-ULO storage)
  • Utility building
  • Agricultural facilities (such as livestock stables, potato storage rooms and bulb cultivation).

In the past 40 years SALCO has come up with numerous solutions to special demands and assignments. It remains a challenge to SALCO’s 100 staff members to come up with a fit answer to each and every question, which is why they stay producing, developing and placing their own products.

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