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Cooling and freezing storage

Refrigeration and freezing houses have storage spaces that must be properly sealed and kept cool. Salco supplies various business doors for this sector. We supply (stainless steel) cooling doors, freezing doors, insulated doors and High Speed Freezer Doors (Airlock).

(Stainless steel) cooling doors for refrigeration and freezing storage

Salco refrigeration, freezing and operating doors are available in various versions. This allows you to choose between hand or electrically operated and between a horizontal, vertical or rotated door. Special stainless steel versions are available for use in the food processing industry. The cooling doors are available in very large dimensions. The doors are seamless and close perfectly.

High Speed Freezer Doors (Airlock)

Horizontal, vertical, resistant to temperatures of -40 ° C or in the context of fire prevention in a low oxygen environment; Salco's High Speed Freezer Doors (Airlock) are characterized by a wide variety of designs and applications and are easy to integrate into the conveyor system. The core of the door is made of insulation material and closes hermetically. This door is applicable in freezing temperatures. The High Speed Freezer Doors (Airlock) are also feasible in stainless steel.

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