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Fruit Conservation (CA-ULO)

Fruit is a sensitive product and must be stored under proper conditions. Salco understands that and supplies gas-tight cooling doors. In the early 1980s, the ULO / CA conservation of fruit was awaiting and demand for gas-tight doors emerged. Salco developed a gas-tight cooling door with the unique, patented inflatable sealing system.

Gas-tight cooling doors for the fruit industry

ULO stands for Ultra Low Oxygen and CA for Controlled Atmosphere. In this storage method an atmosphere is created with a low oxygen content (around 1%), an increased CO2 content and a product-dependent temperature and humidity in the gas-tight cooling cell. This reduces maturation, which extends the shelf life. Conservation takes place in gas-tight cooling cells and is used in the storage of fruit. For a successful conservation, an absolutely gas-tight space is required. The door is a critical part of this. The gas-tight doors of Salco can be opened and closed in seconds.

Fruit preservation corporate door

The corporate doors suitable for fruit conservation are available in different versions: horizontal, vertical and rotatable. It is also possible to order the gas-tight door as a building package. The door can be opened and closed in seconds. Even with irregularities in the floor or wall, the door remains 100% closed. The gas-tight door is completely gas-tight due to the inflatable seal.

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