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Utilities construction

Factories and companies where products are manufactured are covered by the utility building. The buildings that these companies use have certain utility and can be used for various purposes. Salco B.V. has supplied and installed business doors for many of these types of premises. Sliding doors and overhead doors are ideal for this sector.

Sliding doors for utility buildings

This door has a sliding system, opens easily and saves space. The carefully finished doors can be delivered in various colors, different coatings and structures. This allows the door to be fully adapted to the style of the property. The sliding doors, suitable for business halls, are available in various sizes. The door is easy to operate and can be selected for manual or electrical operation. The sliding doors are available as a kit, but can also be installed by us.

Overhead door in your business hall

Salco overhead doors are widely used in operating halls. But they can also be applied to a firebox. There is a special 80mm thick version available for use in cooling cells (cold-free). The overhead door is applicable everywhere, thanks to the wide variety of rail systems. It is possible to provide the door with glazing, thanks to the extensive glazing possibilities.

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