All Salco knowledge in 1 big assignment!

For a large international customer, we have recently been able to deliver a large job in a high-rise cold store. A work in which (almost) the entire Refrigeration and Freezing arsenal at Salco doors could be incorporated. Guided from A to Z by our own engineers and project management. Assembled by one of our valued partners.

The photos show a good impression:

  • Freeze walk / revolving doors (in the facade)
  • Airlocks (High Speed Freezer Doors)
  • Adjust the freezer door (in a variety of colors)
  • Regular freezer doors

Especially the super-fast Airlocks, but also our freezer door sets help our customers to save energy costs while maximizing the turnaround time for their products.

Another great project that we are very proud of!

For more information about our refrigerator and freezer doors range: