CA doors and windows

At the beginning of the 1980s, ULO/CA storage of fruit began to appear and the demand for gas-tight doors arose. To meet this new demand, Salco developed a gas-tight refrigeration door with a unique, patented inflatable sealing system.

ULO stands for Ultra Low Oxygen, and CA for Controlled Atmosphere.  With this storage method, an atmosphere is created within the gas-tight refrigeration cell which is characterised by a very low oxygen content (approximately 1%), an increased CO2 content and a temperature and air humidity level which can be adjusted depending on the product.  This approach helps to slow down the ripening process and extend the storage life.  Products are stored in gas-tight refrigeration cells which are used for preserving fruit and, to a lesser extent, vegetables such as cabbage, and flower bulbs. An entirely gas-tight space is crucial to successful storage, with the door forming a vital component. It takes only seconds to open and re-seal Salco gas-tight doors.