CA hinged door

Door leaf constructed of a core of 100mm insulation material, covered on both sides with polyester and finished all round with anodized aluminium profiles, thermal bridgefree. Equipped with a ‘lift and drop’ hinge.

  • Especially for small, compact CA rooms.
  • Accessibilty to total width of the room.
  • 100% gastight due to inflatable sealing.
  • Even with floor and wall irregularities it remains 100% gastight after years of use.
  • No vaseline or sealant required for sealing.
  • Opening and gastight sealing in seconds.
  • By utilising the ‘lift and drop’ hinge, wear and tear of the rubber bottom sealing is prevented.
  • Seamless door leaf.
  • Door leaf and frame fully thermal bridge-free.
  • Lightweight owing to the use of high quality polyester (available in various colours).
  • 35 years worldwide experience.
Anodized aluminium profiles, thermal bridge-free.
Not included. Available at additonal price.
100% gas-tight by means of inflatable profiles
Door leaf color
Standard colour RAL 9016 (white). For a small additional price RAL 6010 (green) or RAL 5005 (blue).
Additional options
Threshold, finish of the clear opening, CA window and more
Anodized aluminium profiles with a complete thermal bridge-free fit to the wall.
Block hinges and a Salco patented ‘lift and drop’ that raises the door a few millimetres. Wear and tear of the rubber bottom sealing, due to opening and closing, is therefor prevented.
Openers / duds
Three rotation bars included. Internal handle excluded.
R-value panels
Approx. 3,7 (m².K/W)
Door leaf constructed of a core of insulation material, covered on both sides with 1,5mm impactresistant glass-fibre reinforced foodsafe polyester.
Thickness door leaf
100 mm
Installation drawings
Product Sheets

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