KHG-1815 (V)

CA door 150 mm

Door leaf constructed of a core of 150mm insulation material, covered on both sides with polyester and finished all round with anodized aluminium profiles, thermal bridge-free. Equipped with an aluminium drop/lift rail system.

  • 100% gas-tight due to inflatable sealing.
  • Even in case of any irregularities in floor and wall after years still 100% tight.
  • No vaseline or sealant required for sealing.
  • It takes only seconds to open and reseal Salco CA doors.
  • Seamless door leaf.
  • Door leaf and frame fully thermal bridge-free.
  • Light in weight due to the use of high quality polyester (available in various colours).
  • Deliverable as self-assembly pack.
  • Various designs: horizontal, vertical and hinged doors.
  • 40 years worldwide experience.


Anodized aluminium profiles, thermal bridge-free.
Not included. Available at additonal price.
100% gas-tight by means of inflatable profiles.
Door leaf color
Standard colour RAL 9016 (white). RAL 6010 (green), RAL 5005 (blue) or RAL 7016 (anthracite).
Additional options
Bumper, threshold, finish of the clear opening, CA window, rain cap and more.
Anodized aluminium profiles with a complete thermal bridge-free fit to the wall.
Manually operated (horizontal), chain operated (vertical). Electrical operation at additional price.
Rail system
Anodized aluminium drop/lift rail system type SRA with dust cap (horizontal), galvanized and powder coated guiding system (vertical).
R-value panels
Approx. 5,6 (m².K/W).
Door leaf constructed of a core of insulation material, covered on both sides with 1,5mm impact resistant glass-fibre reinforced foodsafe polyester.
Thickness door leaf
150 mm.

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