VH-1414 Freezer door two-winged

Door leaf constructed from a core of 140mm insulating material, covered on both sides with polyester and finished all around with anodized aluminum profiles, free of thermal bridges. Equipped with an aluminum drop/lift rail system.

  • Light weight due to the use of high-quality polyester (available in various colours).
  • Seamless door leaf.
  • Door leaf and frame are completely thermal bridge-free.
  • Sill with sliding dowel construction. A long-term solution that keeps the interior and exterior floors on one level and achieves controlled shrinkage.
  • Available in very large dimensions.
  • Manually or electrically operated with various speeds.
  • Available as a kit.
  • Special stainless steel version available.
  • Opening speed 1.5 m/s
  • High insulation value (can be used in both refrigerator and freezer).
  • Opens horizontally from the center to a vertical door that must be completely gone.
  • Less space required to the left and right of the opening than with a standard sliding door.
  • Due to the speed in combination with high insulation value, the combination high speed door + freezer door could be replaced by this door.

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