High Speed Freezer Doors (Airlock) AL-VK

Door leaf constructed of a core of insulation material, covered on both sides with polyester and finished all round with anodized aluminium profiles, thermal bridge-free. Equipped with a drop/lift rail system.

  • Suitable for highly-frequent use with very fast opening and closing speeds.
  • Various finishes and door thicknesses possible. Depending upon temperature fluctuation.
  • Airtight closing.
  • Easy to integrate into conveyor system.
  • Remotely readable thanks to the ethernet connection which enables problems to be traced (option).
  • Easy to reset in the event of a calamity.
  • Applicable in freezing temperatures.
  • Extremely reliable due to years of experience and development
  • Special stainless steel version possible.
  • Declaration 11B
  • Can be tested "stand alone"
Aluminium profiles, thermal bridge-free.
Not included.,
All round by means of rubber profiles.
Door leaf color
Standard colours RAL 6010 (green), RAL 9016 (white) or RAL 5005 (blue). Door leaf finished in colour to be specified at additional price.
DC 4000 Basic: standard control. DC 4000 Extended: comprehensive control with, among others, emergency stop circuit etc. (option).
Not included. Special thresholds available upon application.
Additional options
PLC via ethernet connection, remotely readable, special stainless steel version (see stainless steel documentation), finish of the clear opening etc.
Anodized aluminium profiles with a complete thermal bridge-free fit to the wall.
Electrically operated at very high speeds, opening time dependant upon door size.
Inside and outside opener included (horizontal).
Frame heating
Not included. Frame heating at additional price.
Rail system
Anodized aluminium drop/lift rail system type SRA with dust cap (horizontal), galvanized guiding system with counterweights (vertical).
R-value panels
Approx. 1,48 (m².K/W), approx. 3,7 (m².K/W).
Door leaf constructed of a core of insulation material, covered on both sides with 1,5mm impact-resistant glass-fibre reinforced foodsafe polyester.

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