KIT for CA door KHG-0810(V) KIT

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KHG-0810(V) KIT

Kit for CA door. Totally made-to-measure, EXCLUDING door leaf, suitable for sizes using 100mm sandwich panels. Finished all round with anodized aluminium profiles, thermal bridge-free. Equipped with an aluminium drop/lift rail system.

  • Specially for export. Easy to transport and favourably priced.
  • All components made-to-measure and pre-assembled.
  • Easy to assemble and fix. Detailed instructions included.
  • Both horizontally and vertically available.Manually or electrically operated.
  • Also in very large sizes.
  • Deliverable with a polyester door leaf in two parts.


CA version

  • 100% gas-tight due to unique infl atable profile system. Even in case of any wall and floor distortions and irregularities.
  • Optional CA window in door.
  • 30 years worldwide experience


Electrical operation type DC-1500 (horizontal)

  • According to CE-standard.
  • Soft start/soft stop.
  • Easily programmable.
  • Compact (17,5 x 17,5 x 10,5 cm (w x h x d)).
  • Standard equipped with automatic closure.
  • Opening speed max. 0,9 meter/sec.
  • Various potential-free contacts.
  • Also available with pull-switches, remote control, radar and more.


Rail system type SRA (horizontal)

  • Anodized aluminium drop/lift rail system with dust cap.
  • For door leafs up to 250 kg.
  • Manually or electrically operated (option).
  • Quick and easy installation.


Rail system type SR (horizontal)

  • Electrolytic galvanized steel drop/lift rail system.
  • Deliverable with dust cap (option).
  • For door leafs up to 800 kg.
  • Manually or electrically operated (option).