Wind load Salco doors

Salco sliding doors and hangar doors are known for being indestructible and good for many decades of use.

This is a matter of years of experience, but also the fact that we at Salco pay a lot of attention to the wind load of our doors.

For a sliding door on an outer wall, it is of course important that it offers resistance to (hard) wind.

The optimum material composition, panel thickness and further design are calculated for each door using the Salco calculation tool, which has been developed in-house. We are unique in our industry in this regard. We take into account Dutch and European standards (NEN-EN 1991 1-4 and EN-13241). Input includes wind area (see image), building height and consequence class (see image)

But the most important thing is that you, as a customer, receive the best door for your specific situation. As we have been doing fWind load Salco doorsor over 45 years.

It is not without reason that our motto is: Access through technology!